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McCoys launches pub grub crisps

Posted by Deborah Read on in

Is there anything better than a packet of crisps at the pub? Sitting down with your friends, enjoying a pint or three and crisps... mmm crisps... I am ashamed to admit that there have been days when a packet of crisps at the pub have served as a main meal, however those days are sadly over. Imagine my delight then when I noticed new flavours of McCoys crisps at my local. Making a mental note to do some research, here are my findings. McCoys launched a pub grub range of crisps for a limited period. The flavours include Lamb and Mint and Roast Beef and Horseradish. The move was to capture the current trend for strong British flavours and comfort foods. So there you go! Next time you're in the pub, check out McCoys. Have you tasted McCoys new crisps? Did you enjoy them or hate them? Let us know your thoughts! Subscribe to VoucherSeeker Voucher Codes Blog by Email



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Cookie says:

VEGETARIANS BEWARE For years I have brought and enjeoyd Walkers crisps of all different flavours. Yesterday I brought a lmulti pack containing three new flavours, Roast Beef, American Cheeseburger & Garlic baguette. Unfortunately I have to throw 1/3rd of the crisps away. The reason is that the Roast Beef flavour is not suitable for vegetarians. I know that if I had looked at the small print I would have seen that the Roast Beef contains Poultry Broth but does anyone really have the time to look at all the small print when shopping. Walkers Beef crisps are vegetarian and so I had no reason to think that the Roast Beef flavour should not be the same. I believe that somewhere on the outside packet it should clearly state not suitable for vegetarians. I wonder how many other vegetarians have brought & eaten these crisps without realising what is in them. And those who are not vegetarian may be surprised to find out they are eating bits of chicken that normally end up in pet food etc

Posted 27th September 2012

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