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Media Information- VoucherSeeker

VoucherSeeker is a leading voucher code site, offering discounts on a massive range of brands and products. Established since 2008, VoucherSeeker has helped online consumers save millions of pounds online.

Why is VoucherSeeker of Interest?

The recession has seen an increase in interest in voucher codes due to the desire by consumers to save as much as they can whilst shopping. Voucher codes found  on VoucherSeeker are free and give consumers discounts on their favourite brands such as Vodafone, Currys, Next and many more.

VoucherSeeker in the News

My we have been popular! Check out what people have had to say about us!

Listed as number 4 in The Independent’s “10 Best Money-Saving Sites” – August 2012:

Cosmospolitan - the best 5 money saving vouchers you need in your life - October 2012

The Guardian
- August 2011

Money Supermarket
- November 2012

Channel 4’s Programme Super Scrimpers, Waste Not Want Not give details on how to save money, mentioning VoucherSeeker  and also giving practical advice on how to make useful items.

This is Money  explores the change in attitudes to voucher codes, and gives a summary of each site- “Nice and simple to use…The site is also refreshingly short on hype.”

'The site's great to use!' – The Daily Mail give their insight into VoucherSeeker and round up the best and worst voucher code sites (guess where we came!)

Experience Solutions created a usability for VoucherSeeker to compare how easy to use they are with competitors. See the results here.

The Guardian asks ‘Do Voucher Codes really save you money?’ investigate voucher code sites and whether they help consumers to save money. Read their conclusions here

The Mirror finds out how to save a small fortune when shopping online and explain why so many consumers are turning to the internet to save money.

Find out where to bag the recession bargain at The Times Online here, who find the best hotel deals going on VoucherSeeker.

Would you like to save on your shopping bills? This Is Money has put together a list of the best deals and offers to help you do just that! Read more here

A bargain a day keeps the gloom away- read Ed Hall's blog at iMedia Connection, where he explains what voucher codes are and how to use them.

Understanding finances can be a nightmare, especially when it comes to budgeting and trying to save money. Read how to get your finances into shape to survive the recession at The Daily Express

Start your Christmas shopping early and save money, The Guardian explains how to shop online and save money in the process.

Alternatively, if you’re a leave it to the last minute person, The Independent wrote about how to get a bargain for that last minute event, whether that’s a birthday or a holiday