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Asda Vouchers

There's so much more to Asda than just their groceries. Shoppers can now get health and beauty, gifts, travel, insurance and entertainment products all under one roof or when shopping online! Boasting top and own brand products shoppers can buy the items they need no matter what their budgets. Shoppers can also find discounts for Asda’s related stores on VoucherSeeker, including George  and Asda Direct, where clothing, electricals and homewares can all be found and cheeky discounts given, as well as the Asda vouchers found above!

Asda is one of the UK’s big four supermarkets, having been established in 1949 with 16.5% of UK consumers using Asda as their main grocery superstore.

Asda was created in Yorkshire in 1949 as the Associated Dairies and Farm Stores Limited. Its stores were mainly based in the north, however, they can now be found across the UK. Asda has maintained its head office in Leeds, keeping with it’s roots.

In 1999 Asda was bought by American company WalMart for £6.7 billion and in 2010 announced it was to buy Netto, to further increase their business empire.

Today there are 523 Asda Supermarkets across the UK (figures from August 2011). Shoppers have a range of stores associated with Asda, including George and Asda Living which can be found on the high street. These stores are dedicated to clothing and homewares, offering shoppers the value for money that they’re used to with the Asda stores.

Asda Food

Asda believe that quality food doesn’t need to cost a fortune. 2011 saw Asda crowned as Britain’s Best Value Retailer for the 14th year in a row. It also won Meat and Fish Retailer of the Year and Supreme Supermarket Champion at the prestigious Nantwich Cheese Awards.

As Asda is loved by a number of people across the UK, it is therefore their duty to ensure that they not only offer the best prices available, but also the best working practices. These practices include offering shoppers information on their shopping, such as the amount of salt and fat in the food they’re buying, as well as cutting down on artificial colourings and unhealthy ingredients. Consumers can get discounts on their groceries using the Asda vouchers which can be found above.

Asda are also commited to supporting local producers of food and try to ensure that the products sold in their different stores are from local producers. When it comes to fish, Asda only uses fish from sustainable sources, and offers different varieties of fish to give shoppers the choice and information to make an informed choice.

Asda’s biggest range of products include the ‘Chosen By You’ range, where each product is tasted, tried and tested by ordinary shoppers at Asda. Only the best products are put into the ‘Chosen By You’ range and giving shoppers the peace of mind that these products have been chosen as popular and tasty groceries.


Asda supports a number of different charities including Tickled Pink, Children in Need, Fields in Trust, Tommy’s, Everyman and Asda’s own charity The Asda Foundation. Last year, Asda raised £8 million for these charities and local charities.  The Asda Foundation supports local charities and projects around the UK.


Asda is also concerned about sustainability and has taken steps to ensure that their stores are more carbon neutral. These steps include cutting waste in their offices, stores and operations around the UK as well as reducing their carbon footprint and cutting their food waste. Other smaller steps include making sure that lights are turned off in offices and giving customers information on products to give them the tools to make healthier lifestyle choices.

Asda Advertising Campaigns

Who can forget the ‘Asda Price' campaigns, where consumers and employees are seen to tap their back pockets twice, as a sound of money is played. This advert has been very popular in the past and was created to portray the low prices Asda has to offer. Asda is still remembered for their Asda Price campaigns.

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