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Elemis Voucher

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Elemis Voucher

Who doesn’t like to look and feel healthy? Elemis have a range of brilliant products to make you really appreciate being relaxed and happy. Elemis are experts in spa and beauty products, meaning shoppers flock to Elemis for their ranges of exciting and award winning products which ensure that Elemis is a trusted brand by many consumers.

Technology is constantly changing to bring consumers the best skincare and beauty products around. Women are constantly changing their needs as their lifestyles change, meaning that Elemis have to keep up and supply the products to meet these demands!

6.5 million spa users prefer Elemis products, which use natural ingredients and cutting edge technology to bring the best spa treatments to shoppers. Shoppers can also get discounts on Elemis products using an Elemis voucher when shopping online.

Elemis have 1200 spas and salons globally, as well as day spas in Hong Kong, London and Miami, as well as stores and cruise line spas. Elemis offer users outstanding results, whether they're interested in their range of anti ageing products or spa therapies. Elemis products are created to respect the skin and the body's physiology whilst it’s their goal is to make new discoveries in therapeutic skin science.

Elemis was established in 1989 by Linda Steiner in London. Since then Elemis has won a number of accolades and awards, as well as growing rapidly to become a business empire.

Elemis Philosophy
There are four cornerstones to this philosophy- Nature, Science, Treatment, Personalised.

Nature- Elemis believes that nature is at the heart of treatments, and that they should understand what the Earth's natural resources can do for it's clients. Elemis is strict when it comes to the integrity, purity and efficiency of their products and ingredients.

Science- Elemis is constantly looking for the next generation of skincare products and treatments, and so combine their natural ingredients with scientific research to create the perfect balance for skincare products. Investing in cutting edge technology, Elemis find breakthrough techniques and products which really make the difference.

Treatment- All Elemis treatments start as luxury Spa Treatments. Elemis then listen to the feedback from practitioners and users to develop and improve their ranges before making them available outside the spa environment. This means that when a product is launched, it's the best it can be.

Personalised- Not everyone is the same and no one's skin requires the same treatment. Therefore, Elemis treat all their customers as individuals. Therefore Elemis educates customers and spa users, as well as using experienced therapists and technology to give the users realistic expectations and information.

Elemis insists that its ingredients have a real impact upon the skin, either nourishing, protecting or ingredients which are going to help the skin look and feel great. All ingredients are derived from an organic source to ensure that their products are healthy products to use.

Elemis are passionate about the environment and therefore only use ingredients from sustainable resources, harvesting products under control. They also have a 75% recycle rate, as well as recycling water. All of this ensures that they are protecting plant species and their own products from negative evironmental impact.

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