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Screwfix Voucher

Screwfix Direct is a great source of building and DIY products which can be bought for less. Enthusiatic DIYers can find products such as hand and power tools, screws, nails, safety wear, bathroom accessories and much more.

Screwfix Direct is a wholesaler boasts 18,000 stock lines and is used by professionals and amateurs alike, usually at a big discount, plus shoppers can use a Screwfix voucher when shopping online for even more discounts!

Screwfix has over 170 stores across the country and also have a strong online presence. Each branch stocks 10,000 products but if shoppers still can't find what they're looking for, items can be ordered and delivered into the branch the next day.

Screwfix began in 1979 as the Woodscrew Supply Company based in Yeovil. Their first catalogue was a single page of products- not like the pages of products on offer today!

Today, the business is owned by Kingfisher Ltd. 20% off all transactions at the store are carried out online, and Screwfix employs 750 people in it's head office, with 2,836 people at it's Trade Counters.

Kingfisher PLC are Europe's biggers home improvement retailer, and are the 3rd largest in the world. They have 900 stores in eight countries employing 80,000 people. As well as owning Screwfix, Kingfisher owns B&Q, Castorama, Brico Depot and Hornbach.

Kingfisher was established in 1982 when it acquired FW Woolworth. Today, Kingfisher can boast sales of £10 billion and a strong presence in Europe.

Kingfisher have the ambition to become a world leader in home improvement. To do this, Kingfisher will use their influence as a big home improvement retailer to find the best products and prices for those products.

Kingfisher also understand that to get the best from colleagues, they need to provide a supportive environment for colleagues to flourish, whether that's supplying them with rewarding careers and training or just ensuring that the workplace respects their needs.

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