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Vodafone Promotional Code

Vodafone is an instantly recognisable brand to shoppers interested in buying a mobile phone. Often, Vodafone is the first stop for shoppers looking at the latest deals and tariffs they have for the latest handsets. Vodafone offers personal and business mobile phone packages to shoppers, as well as internet dongles and packages, laptops, netbooks and iPads from brands such as Apple, Android, Blackberry, HTC, iPhone, Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson.

Vodafone is an industry leader in the mobile phone industry. As of November 2010, Vodafone has 341 subcribers, making it the world's second largest telecommunications company. Vodafone was one of the first mobile phone companies established; Vodafone has connected over 5 million customers through mobile phones, the internet and 3G. Vodafone has a strong presence in Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and the United States but it’s headquarters are in London.

Vodafone works with personal and business users to establish the best tariffs and price plans on the market. Personal plans include monthly tariffs, PAYG and SIM Free tariffs, offering personal users flexible deals to suit their wants and needs. Customers can also find a Vodafone promotional code online for further discounts on selected products.

Business users can expect greater communication tools for their business which are also simple to understand and implement. Vodafone therefore gives business users total communication packages. These are integrated office and mobile voice and data services so businesses can maintain strong communications with staff, customers and suppliers through network files, voice calls and emails. Other business packages include mobile phone packages, roaming business packages for businesses that are not in the same country each week as well as more innovative and flexible business packages.

For both personal and business customers, Vodafone also launched their ‘roaming’ tariff, where customers were given smaller tariffs for their calls and texts abroad. This was due to high costs faced by customers when using their mobile phone abroad. Due to similar experiences with using Smartphones abroad, Vodafone announced it would apply the same tariffs to Smartphones used abroad as when they are used in the UK.

Vodafone Social Conscience

Vodafone has a strong social conscience, believing that the world's humanitarian issues can be helped with mobile communication technologies. Therefore the Vodafone Foundation was established to mobilise communities and therefore social change.

There are a number of initiatives within The Vodafone Foundation including World of Difference,Vodafone Red Alert, Mobiles for Good

World of Difference

Operating in 21 countries, world of Difference is an organisation where professionals can volunteer with organisations of their choice, taking time off work to do so. It is aimed at professionals who are looking for a career break and would like to use their skills in less well off countries.

Vodafone Red Alert

Vodafone Red Alert is an SMS fundraising programme which enables people to donate money to emergency causes in urgent need of funding. It allows people to donate money to emergency appeals through sending a text message free of charge.

Mobiles For Good

Mobiles For Good uses Vodafone's mobile phone expertise to connect communities. This way, problems can be resolved and communities can be better connected, enabling social change.

Vodafone are also conscious of sustainability and have a range of different projects set up in order to ensure that Vodafone is operating in a more efficient manner and treating customers in a respectable, honest and ethical way.

Future Planning

To ensure that Vodafone gives it’s customers the same outstanding service, it has the Future Agenda committee in which people discuss future problems which may occur or social changes which would need addressing. This then determines the best course of action before the event has happened, as well as preparing the business for future changes which may have a big impact. Until then, Vodafone are finding innovative ways to connect with customers, offering a Vodafone promotional code for discounts on tariffs and mobiles online, or just listening to them about issues such as roaming charges, and taking action.

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